Solidny partner

We offer comprehensive accounting and HR solutions

Solidny partner

We offer comprehensive accounting and HR solutions

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Why Us?

  • Experience
  • Versatility
  • Mobility

Comfortable solutions

  • Electronic document circulation
  • Document Receipt
  • Flexible Solutions


  • Lower costs
  • Less controls
  • Reliability

*Our offer

*About Us

When you lose a stack of papers, forms, applications, and a trip to the Department of Social Insurance or Tax Office or you are seasoned with nausea and dizziness? You have a head for business, and you do not want the bother with paperwork? So you're in the right place!

Denarius Financial Firm is a reliable business partner, punctual and above all professional. Office office provides comprehensive accounting services, payroll tax settlements as well as all kinds of businesses regardless of industry, turnover or number of employees.

Our qualified staff is highly experienced and is certified with all required permits by the Ministry of Finance and has certificates which fully guarantee to satisfy your expectations.

Starting a business

You do not know where to start, or just do not have time for it? It does not matter, we will set up a company for you.

let's meet in our
comfortable office

where not only aromatic coffee is waiting for you but also professional and enthusiastic service.


Online accounting

Wherever you have access to the Internet, you also have access to all of your books.
We also provide all our clients with a program for invoicing on-line, thanks to which you can quickly send your invoices to your customers.