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Revenue and expense ledger - from 350 PLN net

  • Bookkeeping in accordance with tax regulations, on the basis of documents provided by the Principal
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and equipment
  • Keeping records of sales and purchases
  • Preparation of applications for Social Security social and health insurance payers and persons
  • Preparation of materials for the annual inventory
  • Closing month - tax records, preparing tax returns required PIT-5, PIT5P, VAT-7
  • Annual closure combined with the tax returns of income tax from individuals PIT-3X
  • Reporting to the Central Statistical Office (GUS)

Complete Book of Trading - from 700 PLN net

  • Opening accounts at the date of commencement of activities with the design company chart of accounts accounting
  • Preparation of opening balances based on the founding documents and the inventory of assets contributed
  • Bookkeeping, based on a document supplied by the customer
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and equipment
  • Keeping records of sales and purchases of VAT
  • Preparation of monthly accounts and income tax statement from CIT-2 and tax on goods and services VAT-7
  • Periodic statistical reporting required by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and Polish National Bank (NBP)
  • Preparation of the closing balance of the year with a profit and loss account, notes on preparation, reconciliation of payables and receivables, preparation of testimony about the amount of earned annual income of CIT-8
  • Reporting to the Central Statistical Office (GUS)

lump sum which is listed - from 315 PLN  net

  • Supervision of the terms and limits affecting the gain or loss of the right to w / in the form of taxation
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and equipment
  • Calculation of income tax withholdings to Tax Office (US)
  • Preparation of annual tax returns-16A PIT, PIT-28
  • Preparing to transfer the tax liability
  • Record keeping and storing purchase and sale of the VAT register
  • Current verification of the fact issued and received VAT
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Preparation of VAT transfers


Payroll - from 80 PLN net

  • Preparation of payroll and payroll records, also applies to persons employed under contracts of orders and contracts
  • Preparation of monthly tax declarations of personal income PIT-4
  • Preparation of monthly statements and reports for Social Security for the insured
  • Calculation of monthly insurance premiums, and making appropriate declarations and send them electronically to the Department of Social Insurance (ZUS)
  • Application Documents payers and insured employees
  • Annual Declarations for Department of Social Insurance (ZUS)
  • Reporting to the Central Statistical Office (GUS) on personnel matters
  • Information for staff annual PIT-8B, PIT-11, PIT-40
  • Record keeping workers under labor law

Annual tax return

  • PIT-36
  • PIT-37


Other services

  • We assist in setting up companies and economic activities